We offer full recycling services for construction waste and natural waste materials

LANDFILL/RECYCLING FACILITY Landfill for Construction Waste

Ireland has seen a welcome increase in the amount of construction in recent years, which has, naturally, led to an increase in the amount of construction-related waste. This can pose a unique challenge, particularly because there are a lot of regulations and producer responsibilities with regards to construction waste. ECT Sand & Gravel offers landfill/recycling services for demolition and natural construction waste and have waste collection permits for Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford, meaning we are fully equipped and have the necessary certifications to handle all types of construction waste.

We offer full-service collection for construction and demolition waste all across Wicklow and the surrounding areas, ensuring that you’re never left stuck when it comes to disposing of the waste caused by your construction project. For an eco-friendly, safe, and responsible solution, call ECT Sand & Gravel today.

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Once construction waste has been transported to our landfill, we begin the intensive cleaning process, carefully removing any undesirable elements to leave only the useful materials behind.


Once we have cleaned the construction waste, it is then screened to ensure it is up to our own stringent high standards. We make sure all materials are in line with relevant standards before crushing.


Construction waste is then crushed down to usable amounts and bagged, ready to be distributed to our customers..


We accept orders from customers throughout Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford, distributing recycled construction materials to meet a variety of requirements.

Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling FAQ