ECT Sand & Gravel stocks a variety of natural pebble, decorative stone, and crushed aggregates suitable for driveways of all sizes


Are you looking to build a driveway? We supply customers throughout Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford with stone, gravel and pebbles that suit all types of requirements and driveway aesthetics.

Whether you are looking to install stone driveways, pebble driveways or gravel driveways, we have a diverse range of materials that are ideal for both commercial and residential properties.

Installing driveways with materials such as pebbles, gravel or stone, have many benefits including:

  • Fast Installation

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Porous Material

  • Natural Security Alarm

  • Long Lasting

  • Wide Selection Of Materials

Make your property beautiful with a natural pebble driveway. Call us today

Stone, Gravel & Pebble Supplies

10mm Stone

10mm Stone

10mm washed pebble suitable for pipe laying, drainage and decorative purposes.

14mm Stone

14mm Stone

14mm washed pebble is used for similar applications with more emphasis on decorative use, mostly driveways.

20mm Stone

20mm Stone

20mm is used for drainage and percolation systems.

20mm Stone


Currently excavating 20mm natural pebble. Ideal for driveways as it binds together so well. The mixed colours of bronze white and grey will enhance your driveway and this size stone is also used for drainage and percolation systems.

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