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The Sand and Gravel Pit used by ECT Sand & Gravel has a history of over 100 years supplying sand and gravel and road making materials to Wicklow, Dublin and Wexford along with surrounding areas. The pit was acquired by Vincent Cousins in 1999, since then Vincent has been striving to improve the range and quality of products for the construction industry including sand and gravel for road making materials and other applications. Our full range of supplies include gravel, pebbles, hand, and stone for domestic and commercial use.

ECT Sand & Gravel has invested in a new washing and screening plant which incorporates a double cyclone sand making plant. This new plant enables ECT to diversify into a wider range of products to suit building and civil engineering firms, offering high-quality, professional products that you can rely on.

The new plant has given ECT greater flexibility with its product range which the customer demands. The new plant is capable of producing 5 different grades of sands. These sands can be varied and changed in specifications to suit the customer. With quality and reduced moisture content a priority.

  • Asphalt – Tar making for Roads etc

  • Paving – Paving Slabs. Cob locking

  • Mortar – Building Sand for Blockwork etc

  • Plastering – Self explanatory

  • Concrete – Making Concrete, Concrete Products and Ready-mix

  • Top-Soil – High quality screened top-soil used for landscaping, gardens, Lawns and shrub planting etc.

We also supply sand and stone for horse arenas.

For more information on our range of sand, stone, natural pebble, top soil & gravel products, get in contact with us.

Sand Products 

Here at ECT Sand & Gravel, we offer a range of sand products suitable for domestic and commercial use. As experienced sand suppliers, we can advise you on the best sand products suitable for your individual needs.

We have all your sand product needs right here from

  • Paving Sand

  • Top Soil

  • 6mm Grit

  • Concrete Sand

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Stone Products

Our Wicklow quarry is a leading supplier of stone and stone products for domestic and commercial use. We offer large stones for decorative & construction use as well as being a top-quality pebble supplier for homes and businesses across Wickloe. 

We supply all types of stone from

  • 2 Inch Broken

  • 2 Inch Clean

  • 6mm Grit

  • Large Stone

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Pebble Products

We offer an extensive range of Wicklow natural pebbles and pebble products mined straight from our Wicklow Quarry & suitable for home and commercial use. Our pebbles are suitable for use as domestic decoration and can also be used in construction and commercial projects. 

We are a pebble supplier offering a range of products From:

  • 10mm Pebbles

  • 14mm Pebbles

  • 20mm Pebbles

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Crushed Aggregates

ECT Sand & Gravel provides a wide range of high-quality crushed aggregates suitable for road-making, building products, and the construction industry. Our Wicklow crushed aggregates are available as broken, crushed, and decorative stone and pebbles in a wide range of sizes for all applications, including:

  • 6mm

  • 10mm

  • 14mm

  • 20mm

  • 40mm

  • 4”

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Top Soil

We supply top soil suitable for all applications, including bulk top soil suitable for use in construction and landscaping companies. Our Wicklow top soil can be purchased as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with our stone and pebble products as a package. Our top soil is suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Garden & Lawn Planting

  • Plant Bedding

  • Garden Mapping

  • Landscaping

  • Turf Laying Base

  • Commercial Site Levelling

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Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling

Here at ECT Sand & Gravel, we are dedicated to providing a safe and eco-friendly service to customers. We provide safe and responsible construction materials recycling and demolition waste recycling for a cleaner, healthier, and more eco-friendly environment guaranteed. We can look after all parts of recycling from cleaning to crushing and re-using for a reliable and full service.

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ECT Sand & Gravel

Ballinabarny North, Redcross,

Co. Wicklow, IE




ECT Sand & Gravel FAQ

  • I need a stone supplier near me- where are you based?

    ECT Sand & Gravel is a Wicklow stone supplier offering a range of stone, sand, gravel, and topsoil products to customers across Wicklow, Dublin, and the surrounding areas.

  • What kind of supplies do you sell?

    We sell a range of products from our Wicklow quarry including Wicklow concrete sand, building stone, decorative stone, topsoil, and more for domestic and commercial applications.

  • How much do your stone supplies cost?

    The price of our stone supplies vary depending on the type of stone you require. For example, our Wicklow concrete sand is cheaper than larger decorative stones. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote on our stone supplies or browse our online store today.